The US and Taliban are heading to a confrontation over Kabul airport if thousands of Americans and allies don't get out in the next 7 days

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As tensions in Afghanistan continue to rise, the US has until August 31 to evacuate thousands.

The G7's lobbying President Biden Tuesday to extend the evacuation date in order to get everyone out. The Taliban threatened "consequences" if troops aren't out on time and said they won't accept extensions. See more stories on Insider's business page .

As tensions continue to rise in Afghanistan, the US faces a hard deadline to evacuate all Americans and allies who wish to flee the country.

The Taliban has threatened " consequences " if President Joe Biden cannot follow through on his promise to get troops out of Kabul by August 31. On Tuesday, a Taliban spokesman said there won't be an option to extend the deadline past that date, the AP reported .

Now, a confrontation between the Taliban and the US looms.

US military leaders have given Biden until Tuesday to make a final decision on whether to extend the evacuation deadline, and G7 leaders are lobbying Biden to impose that extension, the AP reported .

There have been widespread complaints about Biden's handling of the Afghanistan crisis from Britain, France, Germany and others in the G-7, per the AP.

Despite this, an extension seems unlikely. Biden remains "steadfast" in his decision to evacuate by the set August 31 deadline, according to UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the Evening Standard reported .

In this case, it is a very real possibility that some might be left behind in Afghanistan.

If Biden should extend the deadline, the Taliban could shut down Kabul's airport as a consequence, preventing people from leaving the country.

Biden is set to speak at noon ET, potentially regarding his decision on the extension.

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